Rheem Water Heaters

Defining a new standard in quality

Our ProfessionalTM Line is a complete range of hot water solutions with exclusive features and professional grade quality. These products are available exclusively through our contractor partners.
Gas fueled ProfessionalTM Line:

ENERGY STAR® certified models available
Up to 0.94 energy factor for tankless and up to 0.82 energy factor for tank-type
High quality components that make maintenance easy and keep your water heater working better for longer
Easy-to-use controls with diagnostics on select models
Up to 12-year tank/heat exchanger and parts warrantyType your paragraph here.

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

 The Ultimate in Energy Efficiency with Hi-Tech Comfort

Built-in Circulation System
Ultra Condensing Efficiency 98%
Continual Hot Water Supply(“A” model only)
ECO Navien Technology Extended Lifecycle
PVC Venting & Easy Installation Optimal and Stable Operation Leak Detector
Air Intake Filter
Space Saving

Gas Water Heaters

Energy conservation combined with convenient and accessible hot water for your home

Using natural gas to heat the hot water supply in your home has many advantages, and one of these is energy efficiency (and therefore cost efficiency). Water is heated gradually, thus conserving energy and easing up on your gas bill. You also have the ability to control the temperature to which water is heated and how rapidly it happens, and in many cases you may be able to maintain your hot water even in the event of a power failure.

Energy cost savings that benefit the environment

Natural gas appliances operate efficiently with this cleaner fossil fuel, so not only will your family enjoy hot water whenever they need it, but you’ll be creating a smaller carbon footprint for your home. 

Flexible options make gas water heaters an excellent choice for your home

You can choose a tankless gas water heater or stay with a traditional tank model, according to what is suitable for your home. You can also choose how the unit is vented, either conventional, direct vent, or power vent. Of course we don’t expect you to know which of these is right for your home, that’s why Regional Air home will help you understand your options.

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